In the history of human revolution, another milestone was achieved in 1839. This year was announced as the birth year of photography. Before that no one even thought about this stationary object. This wasn’t  a random task.  After then, lots of development done for modernization.  It takes long time and still it is under so many developments. Now photography not only an art also it got industrial value. It has changed the traditional marketing policy, not to bind in a corner of a place.

It opens the market and takes it under competition.  Huge sources build to communicate with consumers. Computer-based electronic digital cameras introduced in the starting 1990s, this invention changed the formation of business. Traditional film-based photochemical process has decreased tremendously in the opening of 21st century and converted to new digitalized technology.

This technology changed the whole economic market faster, as it is so easy to convince the buyers. There is no need of face to face communication between sellers and buyers. Also there is no chance of obscuration.

In the pre-digital era, airbrushing has been used to decorate the images. Image retouching is a process by which we can remove objects which wasn’t there at the time of shoot or anything disturbing need to be removed. By this process we can sharpen and enhance the beauty of that image.

After taking a photo, if we come to see that the taken photo has been destroyed or lost its beauty due to air dust, smoke or anything else. Then it should be retake. It will be costly and time consuming. It is the process by which, we could remove the whole disturbing object from an image.

Also the attribution of any image can be changed. Object decoration, modification, sharpening and refreshing are available by this technology. Most important thing is that, it brings the glamour of an image.

As it is resourceful, it’s international market prize is praiseworthy. Also this stuff is totally computerized, it takes less time. For this defining of anything is really comparatively helpful. This stuff is done by highly skillful artist or by a photo editor.

It is vastly useful in different kind of industry like fashion industry, archive collection, portrait industry, paper, magazine etc.

Considering all the part above, it’s economic demand is so high. As the world’s e-commercial function is increasing rapidly, it has got great potentiality and greater attention.

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